Your car’s braking system is its most critical safety system and you should always get it checked if you suspect it has any problems. A properly operating brake system helps you to ensure safe vehicle control and operation. Some of common brake problems can include a squealing or grinding noise when braking, vehicle vibration, or pulling to one side when the brakes are applied. As with all car parts, your brakes will need replacing from time to time and should be checked regularly. You should always be aware of when you need to get them replaced.

At Hitech Auto Electrical and Mechanical Auto Service we offer a complete brake system service and/or repairs if required. Our technicians will check both the front and rear brakes, assess the condition of the brake discs and pads and give you an accurate appraisal of when they need to be replaced. After being in business for over 30 years, we have developed a great reputation within the automotive industry for mechanical excellence - at reasonable prices. Our investment in the latest brake diagnostic and brake repair equipment, coupled with extensive brake technician experience allows us to provide you with the highest quality brake service. As a result, we have built long term relationships with our customers.

Resurfacing your Rotors

In a disc brake system, rotors are attached to your vehicle's wheels. When the brake pads grip the rotor, they bring both the rotor and wheels to a stop. However, the friction causes grooves and cracks to appear over time. By resurfacing your rotors it will bring them back to an "as-new" condition and reduce squealing and/or vibrating. Hitech Auto Electrical and Mechanical Auto Service will give your rotors a thorough inspection and recommend your best course of action.

  • The pressure condition and coolant volume is checked
  • The radiator cap is checked to ensure it’s functioning and fits correctly
  • Radiator hoses are checked to ensure they are not worn, cracked or disintegrating
  • Engine belts are checked

Caliper Replacement


The brake caliper houses your brake pads and fits around the rotor like a clamp. By pressing the pads against the rotor when you brake allows your vehicle to slow down or come to a stop. A brake caliper problem can cause uneven braking and make your car slide forward when you brake. Uneven braking can also cause your vehicle to slide out of control in bad weather conditions. If you are experiencing any of these issues you should contact Hitech Auto Electrical and Mechanical Auto Service as soon as possible.

Brake Hoses

A brake hose is a tube carrying pressurised brake fluid from the master cylinder to the brakes. A crushed hose can cause a lagging or slow brake, and a leak in the hose can cause the entire brake system to fail. Brake hoses don't need to be replaced often, but should be checked and replaced between services at the first sign of a problem, cracking or wear.

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)


Anti-lock brake systems (ABS) ensure that the wheels don't stop rotating during braking. This helps to prevent the car from skidding and offers greater control at braking. If your ABS light comes on, visit Hitech Auto Electrical and Mechanical Auto Service immediately to diagnose and fix the problem.

Brake Fluid Flushes

Brake fluid will absorb water from the air over time causing the brake system to become less effective. If it's not replaced as recommended by the vehicle's manufacturer, the brake fluid will become corrosive, possibly damaging the braking system. It's important to perform a brake fluid flush regularly to ensure that your vehicle is using fresh fluid. Talk to our technicians at Hitech Auto Electrical and Mechanical Auto Service about a brake fluid flush.