Is your exhaust system making troubling noises, or emitting abnormally high levels of fumes? If so, let the technicians at Hitech Auto Electrical and Mechanical Auto Service take a look. At Hitech Auto Electrical and Mechanical Auto Service Centre we have been repairing mufflers and exhaust systems since the day we opened. After being in business for as long as we have, we believe that no one knows how to repair an exhaust system problem better then us. From the first day of our operation we have given a high level of emphasis on building strong customer relationships. With so many years of experience in the auto repair trade, we bring a personal touch to all of our repair services. Our customers trust us with their vehicles and they know that we will carry out the highest level of service with up-most attention to detail, care and quality commitment. Exhaust systems found in today's vehicles have evolved into a complete emissions system that treats the exhaust for unburned fuel, soot and dirt particles. A damaged or faulty exhaust system can reduce the operating efficiency of your engine and result in increased fuel consumption. Our qualified technicians use modern day tools to get the problem resolved quickly and affordably. The level of accuracy we provide guarantees that you receive the exact repair you need.


    Performance Mufflers

    Performance Mufflers

    A conventional muffler produces backpressure because of all the holes, chambers and turns the exhaust has to go through. This back pressure robs the engine of some of its power. A performance muffler, on the other hand, allows the exhaust to go straight through, thereby reducing the backpressure, which increases your engine's performance. This type of muffler does not reduce the sound as much as a conventional muffler.

    Do You Need Muffler Repair?

    Your vehicle’s muffler contains a series of tubes that direct and reflect sound waves in a precise way to cancel each other out and reduces exhaust system’s noise. Knowing this means that if you hear a change in the exhaust system’s sound, this could be the first indication your car may need a muffler repair. If it’s louder than usual, give us a call or drop by our brand new state-of-the-art service centre and we will let you know if your car's muffler is in need of repair or if a replacement is required.

    Exhaust Manifolds

    EXHAUST MANIFOLDS repair service

    An exhaust system is the combination of pipes and parts from the exhaust manifold from the motor to the muffler at the rear of your vehicle. It plays a unique role by ensuring the engine’s harmful emissions are guided out of the vehicle. Exhaust systems can wear out for a variety of reasons. Some of these include manufacturer materials, weather, temperature, road conditions, vehicle usage, and the state of the exhaust’s inner workings all play a role in the life expectancy of an exhaust system. The major cause for failure is internal corrosion when the engine and the exhaust system are not given enough time to warm up completely to allow the evaporation of the harmful by-products of the engine.

    What’s Involved in Muffler Repair?

    Muffler repairs can range from simple to complex, depending on the age of the muffler and nature of the damage. Loose brackets or clamps may just need to be tightened in order to reduce rattling, and some damaged ones may need to be removed and new ones installed. At Hitech Auto Electrical and Mechanical Auto Service our technicians will advise as to whether it’s worthwhile to have your car’s muffler repaired, or if it’s more cost-effective to replace it. We carry a top quality range of mufflers, including performance mufflers and can help you with all your muffler repair or replacement needs.


    Some vehicles have a resonator, which in combination with the muffler further reduces the sound that is produced by your engine. It looks similar to a muffler and contains a specific volume of air and exact length for your vehicle to help cancel out certain frequencies of sound in the exhaust.

    Warning Signs Of A Faulty Muffler or Exhaust System

    • If you hear rattling sounds, the most common cause is loose clamps or brackets
    • your vehicle sounds louder than normal or you hear a ticking sound when accelerating
    • If your ‘check engine’ or ‘service engine’ light comes on it may indicate a faulty or failing catalytic converter
    • The smell of rotten eggs or burning could indicate a problem with the catalytic converter
    • The smell of exhaust fumes may indicate an exhaust leak that can be potentially dangerous

    Catalytic Converter


    The catalytic converter closely resembles a muffler in appearance but its primary function is to reduce the harmful emissions in a vehicles exhaust. It changes carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen into harmless carbon dioxides, nitrogen, oxygen and water. The catalytic converter achieves optimum performance at between 450 and 800 degrees Celsius and when fully warmed up contributes to better fuel economy and cleaner exhaust.

    Tail Pipe

    The tail pipe comes out of the muffler, past the rear bumper of the vehicle, directing exhaust gases away from the vehicle. On many newer cars it also serves as a decorative function and is tipped in chrome.

    Oxygen Sensor

    Oxygen-Sensor repair service

    The oxygen sensor is positioned in the exhaust pipe and the goal of the sensor is to help the engine run efficiently and produce as few emissions as possible. It monitors the amount of oxygen found in the exhaust gases and communicates the information to the engine's computer. The computer then adjusts the mixture to ensure the cleanest combustion possible.